Social Prescribing (Self-Care) Directory

Self-Care Directory

The Social Prescribing (Self-Care) directory has been created to improve links between health professionals and the voluntary and community sector.

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We will support you with basic household tasks, such as doing shopping or cooking together, help with attending appointments, going to the gym or other leisure activities, or just going for a coffee and a chat. The activities are many and varied and will be agreed at the initial assessment meeting.

Where they Work: Westminster

The Community Champions programme builds on the skills and knowledge of local communities. We bring local people and services together to improve health and wellbeing and to reduce inequalities.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham

Community Champions are local people who volunteer their time to connect to local communities and residents with local services. The Champions have success because they know and understand the culture and language of local communities and are able to tune into the communities’ needs and aspirations.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

The aim of the Community Champions project is to bring together volunteers and local residents from the Lancaster West and Silchester estates in the Notting Dale Ward to help raise awareness of various health and wellbeing need.

Whether it be physical health, healthy eating, mental health or specific health concerns like diabetes or dementia – they work with young children, families, elderly residents and anyone in between!

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

Community Champions is a long established project that the Venture Centre has brought to Golborne, focusing on the Wornington Green and Swinbrook Estates. This program is headed up by the Community Champions Manager, Ellen McRae. The aim of this project is to achieve a healthy, happy Golborne through organising social events that are also informative, delivering health and wellbeing messages to family, friends and neighbours.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

We hold a Community Football For All session every Tuesday for adults in Kensington & Chelsea from 3 pm to 4.30 pm at our London FA Just Play Centre :

Westway Sports Centre

1 Crowthorne Road


W10 6RP

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

Community Living Well is a new service for people aged 16 and over who need support with their mental health.
It’s for people registered with a GP in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, or the Queen’s Park and Paddington areas of Westminster.
Community Living Well offers a different kind of mental health support. It makes it easy for you, and anyone who cares for you, to access a wide range of clinical and wellbeing services.
The services on offer include talking therapies, support groups and help with employment or housing issues

Where they Work: Queen's Park & Paddington, Kensington & Chelsea

Empowering communities to find their voice, to access services and resources which they have a right to, to obtain culturally-intelligent solutions to their specific challenges, and to contribute positively to wider London society.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

Are you having problems using your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or digital camera? Come to our digital clinic and we can help.

In addition, we have knowledgeable volunteers who can also provide one-off technical support and troubleshooting to assist you with installing broadband connections, printers and virus protection.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

Connect with Resonate Arts offer a range of creative opportunities for people living with dementia (and their carers), interested in connecting socially and open to exploring a range of activity using the arts.

Where they Work: Queen's Park & Paddington, Kensington & Chelsea