Social Prescribing (Self-Care) Directory

Self-Care Directory

The Social Prescribing (Self-Care) directory has been created to improve links between health professionals and the voluntary and community sector.

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Support provided to people living with diabetes to manage their diabetes effectively. Includes information to promote healthy lifestyle and signposting to other service providers.

The Abbey Community Association Ltd (ACAL) is a charity established in 1948 that supports the communities of south Westminster to improve their quality of life. ACAL strategic aims are:
• Addressing the specific health and wellbeing needs of targeted priority groups in south Westminster by :
o Enabling people experiencing low income & worklessness to improve their health and wellbeing
o Tackling health inequality experienced by ethnic minority communities
o Addressing the health impacts of social isolation experienced by vulnerable people
• Promoting socially cohesive and connected communities in south Westminster by:
o Managing a high quality south Westminster Community Hub and Network
o Developing opportunities for volunteering in the Abbey Centre and south Westminster
o Improving inter-community and multi-generational understanding and engagement

ACAL manages the Abbey Centre as the main community hub in south Westminster offering a broad range of community services and activities for all ages and backgrounds. These include dance, exercise, social groups, training, health promotion sessions, language classes, employment support, advice and information, and a comprehensive volunteer programme with over 200 registered volunteers for people to recuperate, develop new skills, make social connections and re-engage with the employment market. This wide-ranging programme enables the charity to apply a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of service users.

The charity delivers a wide-ranging community health & wellbeing programmes, which includes a project to mobilise local residents to act as trained volunteer champions, Well-being Haven to support people experiencing or recovering from mental health illness and Diabetes Management /mentoring to support local people who have diabetes to manage their conditions effectively.
As part of our strategic role promoting health and well-being in the local area, the charity convenes and leads local networks including South Westminster Neighborhood Network and South Westminster Resilient Families Partnership.

Where they Work: Westminster

Westway CT delivers Dial-a-Ride services on behalf of TfL
Westway CT has been providing Dial-a-Ride routes in minibuses, on behalf of TfL since 2017.
Dial-A-Ride is a free, door-to-door transport service for people who have difficulty in using public transport to get out and do the things they need to do. Using Dial-a-Ride gives you greater independence.
You need to be registered before you can book, and you can only book via Transport for London. Unfortunately, we don’t take direct bookings.
For more information about how to sign-up, to book, and learn about what the service can and cannot be used for, please see the TfL website -

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

You must have a permanent or long-term disability which means you are unable to use public transport.

You are automatically eligible for membership if you are:
A Taxicard member
Getting the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance
Getting the Standard or Enhanced Mobility Rate of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
Registered blind or partially sighted
Aged 85 or over
Getting a Higher Rate Attendance Allowance
Getting a War Pension Mobility Supplement
If none of the above apply to you, you may still be able to join Dial-a-Ride but you will have to undergo a paper-based mobility assessment to establish your eligibility for the service.
How to apply
You can apply for Dial-a-Ride if you are a permanent or temporary resident of a London borough. If you are applying for a temporary membership, you will need to provide evidence of using a similar service at your place of residence.
To apply, download the form from here , complete it, and post it to:
Assisted Transport Services
PO Box 68799
You can also phone us on 0343 222 7777 (TfL call charges) to request an application form.

Where they Work: Queen's Park & Paddington, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham

In order to ensure residents are accessing the correct level of support and training they require to become digital included we have categorised the courses and skills offer into 4 tiers:
• No digital experience
• Foundation
• Work
• Life
Below you will find each of tiers, a description of the level of digital skills needed to categorise residents into a certain and to provide the right offer.
No Digital Experience
No experience of using digital devices of the internet independently
For those residents who fall within this category of digital skill we suggest referral to a Digital Champion scheme instead. We use the term Digital Champion to describe a community volunteer who is offering 1:1 and small group support to residents in person or over the phone. This will ensure they get the 1:1 support and motivation needed to become digitally engaged. We are currently developing an internal volunteer offer and an update will follow on this.
Imperial ‘What The Tech’ -
CNWL Digital Support for Carers -
AbilityNet -
Age UK K&C Digital Support -
WAES Community Digital Drop-in and Smartphone Workshops -

Being able to do basic skills such as send and receive emails, basic web searching and video calling
Workers Education Association -
• Beginners IT Communications
Nova New Opportunities-
• Basic Digital Literacy
Open Age -
• Excel for Beginners
• Getting to Know Your Android Phone
• What’s that App on your Android Smartphone?
• Getting to Know Your iPhone
• Improve Your Internet Skills
• How to Use Zoom
• IT – Windows 10 Beginners
Age UK K&C -
• IT Workshop
Prospects Kensington Ltd -
• Essential IT Course
Action Disabilities Kensington and Chelsea -
• Introduction to IT
Libraries (Westminster Adult Education Service) -
• Digital and Smartphone Workshop
WAES Community -
• Computer Skills Next Steps (ICT Fundamentals)
Clarion Futures Digital Skills Online Sessions -
• Introduction to computers and the internet.
• Device management and maintenance.
Being able to communicate, handle and store information and content securely, solve problems and transact effectively
Westway Trust -
• Using IT to Plan and Organise
Open Age -
• Computer Management for Windows 10
• Online Safety
• iPad Art
• iPad for Beginners
Clarion Futures Digital Skills Online Sessions -
• Social media basics.
• Internet safety.
• Shopping and saving money online.

To have the requisite skills for their job or the job they are applying for to progress in their work
Nova New Opportunities-
• Functional Skills in ICT
Clement James Centre -
• Functional Skills ICT
Open Age -
• Build Your Own Website – Beginners
We LR -
• Employment Digital Support
WAES Community -
• IT Qualification Courses
o Essential Digital Skills (Entry 3 and Level 1)
o Advanced Digital Skills (Level 2)
Clarion Futures Digital Skills Online Sessions -
• CV and Job Searching

External Resources
Banking Support Schemes
Barclays Digital Eagles -
Lloyds Digital Champions -

Health Digital Courses
NHS Website How To Guide -
Test and Trace App Guide -

Where they Work: Queen's Park & Paddington, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster

We are here to encourage and support women's mental, emotional and physical well-being through peer group & one-to-one support, information & guidance, and educational workshops.
We combat loneliness and isolation through facilitating safe, supportive and confidential online spaces where women can express themselves freely and with total honesty without fear and judgement.
We are a place where women can make new friends, talk, listen and be heard.
We know the power that positive social connections can have on people and we want to create a community of women who are there for one another.
All our activities are free and held online on Zoom until COVID-19 restrictions ease.

FOR WOMEN is a women-led social enterprise and network that aims to contribute to increasing the well-being of women through free workshops, classes and social activities that champion self-awareness, self-care and self-empowerment.
FOR WOMEN is a platform where not only women can connect, socialise and form new friends (Tackling loneliness and isolation) but create positive change for the community and society.

FOR WOMEN’s objectives:
- Inspire and encourage women to be able to manage their own health and wellbeing and build on this experience to lead and influence others.
- Lead by example – for women to use their own experiences as springboard of the changes they seek to make in theirs and other women’s lives.
- For women to develop confidence and capability to become independent
- For women to be able to work on solutions rather than focussing on weaknesses
- For women to learn about mental health, and its different aspects, how to recognise conditions, what the different services are and where to seek help.
- For women to engage a leadership culture that will have a significant impact on women’s attitude to health and wellbeing

Where they Work: Queen's Park & Paddington, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham

Supporting people to be less isolated. Offering emotional support and the opportunity to explore the activities you would like to participate in.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

Information and signposting to independent living support services, referrals where necessary and referral to specialist support such as social services needs assessments, advocacy, legal advice and specialist benefits advice.
ADKC is fully accessible with accessible parking outside the entrance. We work in a user-led way and will help people to 'tease out' the different problems they present with and support people to access the services they need.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

Equal People Mencap offer a wide variety of supported training, groups, activities and social groups throughout the week at our Resource Centre in Ladbroke Grove and out in the community.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham

A weekly drop in for Arabic speaking women who live in Kensington and Chelsea and the surrounding boroughs to provide support on the services and activities provided.

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea

Educational support for children and parents from ethnic minority communities

Where they Work: Kensington & Chelsea