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 Briefing papers

Latest Health and Social Care Policy

This document is intended to update the local voluntary sector on the latest developments in Health and Social Care.

The majority of the changes outlined stem from the NHS Five Year Forward View . A key theme, running through all documents referred to in this paper is the further integration between Health and Social Care, an increasing emphasis on prevention, and a focus on the need for radical change to tackle efficiency savings. 

Government election promises and impact on the local voluntary sector

In May the Conservative Government won the election. Here we examine what that could mean for the voluntary and community sector.

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Delivering Health and Wellbeing

An overview of recent structural changes in the management of local health services and their impact on the work of voluntary and community organisations.

NHS Changes - A guide for VCOs in Kensington and Chelsea

A new guide for those finding it difficult to keep up with changes in the structure of the NHS. 

Localism and its Legal Mandate

The Localism Bill aims to put more power in the hands of communities. Here we outline some of its main points and ask what's in it for the voluntary and community sector.

Reducing Health Inequalities In Kensington and Chelsea

 The role of the Voluntary and Community Sector in reducing health inequality.

NHS Reform - The Coalition Government Proposal

In July 2010 the Coalition Government published the health white paper ‘Equity and Excellence; Liberating the NHS’. This document highlights the main changes within the proposed reform and opens up the debate on the future role of the voluntary and community sector in response to those changes. 

Kensington and Chelsea Poverty Profile

This briefing highlights information contained in the London Poverty profile where it relates to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

What is Big Society?

The results of a discussion amongst the sector on Big Society and its possible impact at a local level.
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