Trustees and Governance

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KCSC's current trustees are as follows:

Strategic planning

What?  Strategic planning means analysing your past and present situation, and thinking ahead to develop a project or an organisation. In other words: where you are now, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there.

Why? Not only to secure the survival of your organisation or project, but also to ensure it reaches its full potential.

KCSC's response to the Borough and Governance Review Recommendations - 25 April 2019

KCSC has engaged with RBKC’s Governance Review since its inception. Prior to this, we have worked in partnership with the Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea to support the Centre for Public Scrutiny and Democracy Society to engage with local people and the voluntary and community sector in its review of the RBKC’s governance and decision-making structures. We have facilitated discussions through KCSC’s Grenfell Network Group meetings, submitted collective responses as the review has progressed, and attended and contributed to the Panel’s open meetings.

'Family Friends' charity provide DBS checks to organisations within North Kensington wards

Submitted by Fenn Reynolds on

Family Friends, a charity organisation in The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and as an Umbrella Body Service (UB) they provide DBS checks on behalf of other organisations at 73 St Charles Square, London W10 6EJ. They would now like to extend this service to other organisations within the wards of North Kensington: Dalgarno, Golborne, Notting Dale, Colville, Norland and Pembridge.

Quality systems

What is 'quality' in the voluntary sector?

'Quality is essentially about learning what you are doing well and doing it better. It also means finding out what you may need to change to make sure you meet the needs of your service users.' (Charities Evaluation Service)