Charter for Public Participation response from KCSC and the Grenfell Network Group

KCSC has worked with numerous stakeholders to develop a Charter for Public Participation in response to the Council’s request for responses to their recent six-month Borough and Area Governance Review. Local people asked for more clarity how they will make it easy for people to get involved in what the Council does, especially in Council decision-making. The council said...


"In response to their request, and to help us to deliver on our Council Plan commitments, we have drafted a Charter for Public Participation (available via this link). The new Charter will stand alone as our public commitment, as well as forming part of our Council’s Constitution."  

See here the full response from KCSC

This paper proposing contents of a Charter for Public Participation is the initiative of Kensington and Chelsea Social Council (KCSC) and has been written and finessed in conjunction with several members of the Grenfell Network Group (GNG). It's principal authors were Stephen Duckworth and Joe Batty with additional support from Moyra Samuels, Faisal Metalsi, Tom Charles, Abbas Dadou & Michael Ashe.

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