K&C Life - RBKC weekly residents e-newsletter

Fri 22/10/2021

The RBKC electronic newsletter goes out every Thursday and features the latest events, news, updates on Council services, and more to ensure that RBKC residents are informed and can access what they need each week.

Consultation on the Council’s new plan for the borough

Mon 13/09/2021

The Council is currently undertaking a review of the Local Plan and asking for response to the various options being put forward.

Let's Talk About The Curve

Wed 25/08/2021

In partnership with The Curve Board of Governors, the Council has launched a community conversation to ask the North Kensington community to help decide the future of The Curve.

Covid-19 State of the Borough update

Mon 01/02/2021

At the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, Leader of the Council and Barry Quirk, Chief Executive presented a state of the borough update.

Reduce the digital divide in RBKC

Mon 07/12/2020

KCSC and a number of local VCS organisations have been involved in work lead by RBKC Council and West London CCG on digital inclusion but we want to make sure that as many organisations as possible can contribute.

The project has now been split into four core workstreams:

RBKC Council: Medium-Term Financial Strategy - Consultation

Tue 01/12/2020

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) Council is currently consulting residents, businesses, and other stakeholders on its medium-term financial strategy which will shape the 2021-22 budget. 

KCSC's response to the Borough and Governance Review Recommendations - 25 April 2019

KCSC has engaged with RBKC’s Governance Review since its inception. Prior to this, we have worked in partnership with the Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea to support the Centre for Public Scrutiny and Democracy Society to engage with local people and the voluntary and community sector in its review of the RBKC’s governance and decision-making structures. We have facilitated discussions through KCSC’s Grenfell Network Group meetings, submitted collective responses as the review has progressed, and attended and contributed to the Panel’s open meetings.