Promoting your organisation

Promoting your organisation is essential in order to reach your targets and advertise your services more effectively. You will need to think about who your target audience is and why you are communicating with them. You also may want to think about what you would like your target audience to know, think, feel or do as a result of your communication or promotional activity. KCSC can help you to create a marketing and communication strategy.


It is important that your organisation thinks about how you market yourselves to potential funders, supporters and service users. You also need to think about how people access your services and products so you can promote them in the right environment.  It is very important to measure the success of your marketing strategy so that you know it is working as well as you need it to. You can access training around the best tools to use and how to use them from organisations such as Superhighways, who specialize in using digital tools to communicate your impact to stakeholders.


Promoting your organisation doesn't have to be costly. Voluntary organisations can use free social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin to raise their profile effectively. It can take time to learn how to use these platforms in the right way but investing that time may help you to gain new donations, get more volunteers, attract new sponsors or to expand your reach. You can also look at improving your website and making sure that you are showing your impact to a wider audience. KCSC can support you to learn about how to use social media for your organisation.