Staff and HR

People are an organisation's most valuable assets so it is vital that staff and volunteers are given appropriate support to achieve their objectives.

While large charities may have dedicated human resources departments to deal with personnel issues, in smaller organisations these tasks often fall to other staff or to trustees.

In an increasingly complex area, it is vital that organisations use support services available to them.

On this page we provide a list of resources that can help both organisations and staff. 

Do you need to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service check?

Staffing and HR

Fri 28/09/2018

Media Trust have opened recruiting for this year’s employability programme.

Wed 19/09/2018

This role provides leadership of KCSC’s Sector Development service for the voluntary and community sector in the borough of Kensington

Fri 27/04/2018

Jenny joined KCSC as Director of Services and Operations in early April.  Her previous role was at a local charity, the Octavia Foundation.

Thu 23/11/2017

Business Healthy, in partnership with the London Borough of Hackney's Public Health team, has developed a valuable and free tool to assist those responsible for organisations' health and wellbeing in shaping their activities and engagement for 2018.

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