Healthy Workplace

"The London Healthy Workplace Charter, backed by the Mayor of London, provides clear and easy steps for employers to make their workplaces healthier and happier."

At the Social Council we are interested in supporting and encouraging the local voluntary and community sector to engage in that process and make a difference to the quality of life of their staff force. 

Over 120 organisations have been accredited and awarded, with more than 225,000 employees benefiting. 

"An average London firm of 250 employees loses around £250,000 a year due to ill health calculated by sickness absence."- GLA Economics report, 2012

The business benefits of having healthy, fit and committed staff are now well recognised by employers: improved productivity, fewer accidents, lower absence rates, staff who are engaged and committed to the business and fitter employees as they grow older.

If you are interested in applying for the accreditation, the Royal Borough will provide the following support:

  • Advice and signposting as you review and develop all that you do to promote employee wellbeing – free of charge
  • Guidance to ensure you attain your preferred accreditation level – free of charge
  • Free mental health well-being workshops for work places in RBKC
  • Free employee health check packages (for up to 40 employees) – charges only apply if appointments are missed

More information from RBKC is available here.

Read more about the Healthy Workplace Charter on the GLA website