"the ability to plan and organise action intended to achieve a specific goal, whether it is fighting for or against something or raising people's awareness is an essential part of many organisations work."protesters image

At the Social Council we are interested in supporting and encouraging the local voluntary and community sector to get involved in campaigns that can make a difference to the quality of life of local residents, people who work in the borough and use it's services. 

Campaigning News

Fri 06/07/2018

Following the engagement sent out to organisations about April, please find attached the next update, which outlines some of the engagement and information provided to patients and patient groups across NW London throughout the month of May 2018.

Mon 02/07/2018

City Bridge Trust supports the Living Wage Friendly Funder scheme which aims to end low pay in the Voluntary and Community Sector. As a Friendly Funder, they ensure charities they support pay the Living Wage to any employees grant-funded by them.

Fri 25/05/2018

The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation set up our Grenfell Tower Fund Appeal on 14 June 2017 and have raised £6.8 million with more than £5 million already distributed, with most going to the survivors and the bereaved.

Thu 02/02/2017

Kensington & Chelsea Social Council is pleased to back One Day Without Us - A National Day of Action on Monday 20 Februay, in recognition of the contribution made to UK society by immigrants.