Fundraising strategy

Piggy bank imageA fundraising strategy is an important part of any organisation’s business plan regardless of size or purpose.

Developing a fundraising strategy will enable your organisation to better plan for the future by giving you some indication of the resources you will generate to carry out your work.

A well written fundraising strategy will:

  • Help you assess whether your objectives are realistic and achievable.
  • Allow you to take a fully rounded view of income generation. You should consider different ways of generating income, over reliance on a single source could leave your organisation vulnerable.
  • Enable you to better focus your fundraising efforts.
  • Ensure that fundraising is built in to your organisations overall work plan.
  • Identify who is responsible for raising money and identify timescales. 

There is a lot of advice available on the web to help you get started with your fundraising strategy. On this page we give you a few pointers, however if you can't find what you are looking for please get in touch.

Latest fundraising news

Tue 24/10/2017

The Aviva Community Fund enables ordinary people to choose which projects will go through to the next stage and this means that everyone can make a difference.

Sat 22/07/2017

The three borough Funders Fair was held at Porchester Hall this year, on Tuesday 4th of July.

Thu 07/04/2016

Crowdfunding plays an increasingly important role for many voluntary organisations, helping raise vital funds and also publicising projects and causes. 

Mon 18/01/2016

This short 6 page guide for community organisations from My Community highlights various different forms of funding, it lists sources and provides tips on making your fundraising more efferctive.

This guide will help you learn: