Fundraising strategy

Piggy bank imageA fundraising strategy is an important part of any organisation’s business plan regardless of size or purpose.

Developing a fundraising strategy will enable your organisation to better plan for the future by giving you some indication of the resources you will generate to carry out your work.

A well written fundraising strategy will:

  • Help you assess whether your objectives are realistic and achievable.
  • Allow you to take a fully rounded view of income generation. You should consider different ways of generating income, over reliance on a single source could leave your organisation vulnerable.
  • Enable you to better focus your fundraising efforts.
  • Ensure that fundraising is built in to your organisations overall work plan.
  • Identify who is responsible for raising money and identify timescales. 

There is a lot of advice available on the web to help you get started with your fundraising strategy. On this page we give you a few pointers, however if you can't find what you are looking for please get in touch.

Latest fundraising news

Tue 12/06/2018

Join us this summer at our fundraising surgeries. You can book a 1:1 appointment with the KCSC Organistaional Development Team on Fridays 13th July, 27th July, 3rd August or 10th August from 10.30-12.30pm.

We can help you with;

Tue 24/10/2017

The Aviva Community Fund enables ordinary people to choose which projects will go through to the next stage and this means that everyone can make a difference.

Tue 13/06/2017

The final results for the West London Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG) Grants are now available.

The short-listing panel met on the 4 of September and reached a final decision regarding funding to voluntary sector organisations that applied to the WLCCG Grants Programme 2017-2018.

Thu 07/04/2016

Crowdfunding plays an increasingly important role for many voluntary organisations, helping raise vital funds and also publicising projects and causes.