Fighting Flu Together

The flu season has begun and so has our NHS  #FightingFluTogether campaign.

Together we can fight flu – get your jab!

The flu can be serious and some people are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the flu than others. If you are over 65 years old, have a long term medical condition, are pregnant or a child aged between 2-11 you are eligible for a free flu jab from the NHS. You can book an appointment with your GP or your nearest pharmacy.

Each year the flu kills on average 11,000 people and hospitalises thousands more. The flu virus spreads from person to person, even amongst those not showing symptoms.

By having the flu vaccination, you will help protect yourself and others from what can be a severe, and sometimes fatal, illness which could lead to a hospital treatment.

Protect yourself and your loved ones #FightingFluTogether.

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Have you had your flu jab? Use the #FightingFluTogether hashtag to tell us on twitter and we will share with others @WLondonCCG.