What do we mean by Voice?

KCSC endeavours to amplify the voice of the borough's voluntary and community sector by gathering views and representing it at a strategic level.

What does KCSC do with your views?

We meet regularly with key decision makers in the council, and commissioners of services, to advocate on behalf of the sector.  We use mechanisms such as the CEO Peer NetworkBorough Voluntary Advisory Group VCS representatives and Voluntary Organisation Forums to gather the views of the voluntary and community sector.  Through the Grenfell Network Group, and other contacts throughout the borough, we are able to gather the views of a cross-section of the community, including residents, Residents' Associations, voluntary and community organisations and some businesses.  We use also communicate and gather views through additional meetings, e-bulletins and occasional questionnaires. 

As an organisation KCSC sits on a wide range of strategic bodies, such as the Health and Wellbeing Board, various NHS strategic groups and numerous Grenfell Recovery related groups. This enables us to ensure that matters of importance for the area in which communities live and the voluntary sector operates in are heard by those responsible for decision-making - such as the Council, the West London Clinical Commissioning Group and other statutory bodies.

KCSC is scrupulous in seeking out avenues to influence local dialogue, participating frequently in consultations and workshops -such as the Charter for Public Participation process in which our community reach enabled KCSC to impact on the design of the eventual process and guidance which add weight to our push towards greater community development and engagement. 

Raising awareness

Through our regular e-bulletins we are able to disseminate information, stimulate discussion and raise awareness through forums and platforms where the community and the voluntary sector can have a voice. 

The majority of our forums are thematic and designed to engage at a deeper level on specific issues.  They facilitate communication, discussion and provide a place where we can agree responses to various policy matters relevant to the voluntary sector and the community it serves.  Using our unique position in the borough we offer advice, guidance, training and support to the sector which all contributes to a stronger voice.

Engaging at government level

KCSC's connectivity, listening to and promotion of our community and the voluntary sector enables us to respond with authority to government and NHS consultations, and to support local voluntary and community organisations to engage in these so that they can have their say and influence change.