What is commissioning?

'Commissioning' is a way in which public bodies (such as local authorities and the NHS) secure services to meet the identified needs of their local populations. For many types of services delivered by voluntary organisations commissioning has now replaced the traditional process of awarding grants.

The commissioning process in brief …

WLCCG PPE Grants Programme Impact report

West London Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG) finances a Patient and Public Engagement Grant of £100,000 managed by the Social Council. You can see a list of the current 10 providers here.

The Patient and Public Engagement grants programme has been running for five years now and is a one-year long programme that is renewed year on year. Projects for this round of funding started in October 2017 and will finish in September 2018.

WLCCG Grants Programme 17-18 Final Results

The final results for the West London Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG) Grants are now available.

The short-listing panel met on the 4 of September and reached a final decision regarding funding to voluntary sector organisations that applied to the WLCCG Grants Programme 2017-2018.

The panel received 31 applications, totalling £395,241 in grant requests. Of these, ten organisations were selected according to the funding criteria and £100,000 in grants will be allocated pending contract signature. The selected applications are:

Commissioning glossary


The process of specifying, securing and monitoring services to meet individuals’ need at a strategic level. This applies to all services, whether they are provided by the local authority or by the private or voluntary sectors.

Consortium (plural consortia)

Several organisations working in partnership to deliver a service or project, or share management or administration functions.


Putting the purchasing of services in a legally binding document.

Social enterprise


‘Social enterprise’ is not a legal definition, so it can mean a number of things. A ‘social enterprise’ could be:

  • A new company that aims to deliver services for social benefit
  • A trading arm of an existing charity
  • A way of working that involves thinking more broadly about generating income.

Together with some partner agencies, we can support anyone who is trying to establish any of these in Kensington & Chelsea with:

10 top tips on collaborating for funding

1. Sign a partnership agreement
This is a MUST MUST MUST! A partnership agreement should outline in detail what each partner will do, with deadlines. Be as specific as possible, to avoid disputes later on.
If the bidding process is over a long period, you may want to sign a short initial agreement which states your intention to work together, with a view to making a more detailed agreement if the funding bid is successful.
2. Get the right partners