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New Community Leadership Programme Sticky


KCSC is expanding its 'Reaching Potential' capacity building programme with support from RBKC. The new extended programme aims to assist individuals and organisations wanting to provide original and innovative services to help the local community as well as supporting existing organisations to provide services in a sustainable way.

The programme will be open to any organisations working in Kensington & Chelsea supporting North Kensington residents.

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What is ‘The Case for Change?’


Since 2013, KCSC has had a strong relationship with West London Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG).  The CCG has made great strides to get to know and understand the local voluntary and community sector (VCS), working closely with KCSC to introduce and help facilitate relationships until fully embedded locally.

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What is the Compact?

The Compact is an agreement between national Government and the Voluntary and Community Sector. It was originally developed in November 1998 to improve the relationship between the two parties, and was made up of codes of good practice, outlining the way that both sectors work together.

Considering a merger?


In today’s difficult financial climate mergers (defined as two or more separate organisations coming together to form one organisation) between voluntary organisations are being encouraged by interested parties such as the Charity Commission, government and other funding bodies.

A number of high profile charity mergers have taken place in recent years and debates about the pros and cons of mergers are a recurrent feature in the voluntary sector press.

10 top tips on collaborating for funding

1. Sign a partnership agreement
This is a MUST MUST MUST! A partnership agreement should outline in detail what each partner will do, with deadlines. Be as specific as possible, to avoid disputes later on.
If the bidding process is over a long period, you may want to sign a short initial agreement which states your intention to work together, with a view to making a more detailed agreement if the funding bid is successful.
2. Get the right partners
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