All Culture Communication Group’ Choir

Green House Sports Centre,88 Bell Street, Marylebone, London NW1 6SP

Church Street Community Champions are running a new Activity at the Greenhouse sports centre, 88 Bell street EVERY Tuesday, 1 - 2pm from 28th January. The All Culture Communication Group Choir will help to strengthen your English speaking with your community with presentation skills, tongue twisters, voice projection, speaking, reading, and more.

Come and join for free.

Learn to use your voice to your advantage


BP Legal Services's Fee Discount Scheme for Non- Profit Organisations

BP Legal Services would like to invite non-profit organisations to register for the Fee Discount Scheme.  

Registration is Free. For further information please visit their website on

Please also note they may offer some of their future services on pro-bono basis or alternatively at greatly reduces fees. Their website is updated regularly.

BME Healthforum New Project, RBKC Emotional Wellbeing Project

The BME Healthforum has a new project called RBKC Emotional Wellbeing Project.

This project aims to support BME people who live in Kensington & Chelsea  and are experiencing emotional difficulties but who are not mental health service users.

The project also aims to support organisations working with BME clients by recognising the role these organisations have in maintaining the mental wellbeing of their clients and by offering training and resources to volunteers and staff members to make this work more sustainable.

Young Healthwatch report

Healthwatch Central West London have released their Young Healtwatch Report. 

This document details the steps they took to set Young Healthwatch Westminster in motion, the challenges they encountered and how they combated them, along with their next steps.

Click here to see the report in full.