Sector News

NHS winter vaccinations and services

Fri 22/10/2021

The NHS in North West London is reminding residents of the range of healthcare services available and providing information on how to boost immunity with the flu vaccination and Covid-19 booster.

Green Doctors: Energy crisis advice

Fri 08/10/2021

Green Doctors have published advice about what customers can do regarding the recent news of rising gas prices and the collapse of many smaller energy suppliers. 

Covid-19 vaccination update from the NHS

Sun 03/10/2021

To offer residents vaccination close to home NWL CCG have closed a number of large Covid-19 vaccination sites and are focussing on increasing the number of community sites.

Support for children, young people and families

Sun 03/10/2021

Children, young people (CYP) and their families can get a wide range of free help, advice and urgent mental health support from 24/7 crisis telephones lines available in every London borough.

Kensington and Chelsea Digital Inclusion Partnership

Sun 03/10/2021

KCSC is part of the K&C Digital Inclusion Partnership seeking to improve digital access and support for residents.

Consultation on the Council’s new plan for the borough

Mon 13/09/2021

The Council is currently undertaking a review of the Local Plan and asking for response to the various options being put forward.

Support for Afghan refugees

Tue 31/08/2021

Can your organisation help with urgent support for Afghan refugees arriving in the UK?  London Plus is supporting the VCSEP, the GLA and others in efforts to coordinate VCS support for Afghan refugees in London.

Let's Talk About The Curve

Wed 25/08/2021

In partnership with The Curve Board of Governors, the Council has launched a community conversation to ask the North Kensington community to help decide the future of The Curve.

Get trained as a Digital Health Champion

Wed 25/08/2021

With good digital skills people can look after their health and wellbeing and support others they care for.