National Hate Crime Awareness Week Resources


Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) is once again providing resources to support community based events during National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017 (#NHCAW).  Distribution will be facilitated by the organisers of NHCAW.  Resources will NOT be available directly from MOPAC.  Please see details below:

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New research shows 4 in 10 Londoners can't afford a decent standard of living


New research from Loughborough University shows that 41% of Londoners have less income than they need for what the public regard as a decent standard of living – that is one that allows them to meet their basic needs and participate in society at a minimum level. This is significantly higher than the 30% that fall below the standard in the UK as a whole. This represents 3.5 million Londoners, an increase of 400,000 since 2010/11.

The new research, funded by Trust for London, updates the first Minimum Income Standard for London report published in 2015.

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Understanding food poverty


To supprt our research on food poverty in Kensington and Chelsea we were fortunate to be able to employ Jamie Hamilton on a four month paid internship, funded through a grant from Dalgarno City Living Local Life.

Read about what Jamie learnt about food banks in his time here, and add your comments below.

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JRF Plan to End Child Poverty


Earlier this month the Joseph Rowntree Foundation launched their comprehemsive strategy to solve poverty in the UK. 

It is the result of a four year project and makes recommendations for "greater corporate responsibility with an active, enabling state, promoting individual capacity and capability."

Visit the JRF website to read the strategy and project report

Strategy: We can solve poverty in the UK

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Food Poverty Report Launch

Wed, 10/19/2016 -
14:00 to 16:00

How is the KCPIN doing?


Two years on from the launch of the Poverty and Inequality Network (KCPIN), we would like to hear how you think of it's work.

We would be grateful if you could take just 5 minutes to complete a short questionairre.

If you have any questions or additional comments in reference to KCPIN, please feel free to get in touch by phone on 020 7243 9809 or by email.

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A third of people in the UK have experienced poverty in recent years


The Office of National Statistics have released data that shows one in three people have experienced poverty in recent years. Women and one-person households at greater risk of enduring poverty as many fail to escape low pay.

The findings are covered in an article in the Guardian newspaper

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Do you provide food aid or meals?


Does your organisation provide food aid to support people who may otherwise go hungry?

We have recently launched a new campaign to map where and how people access food banks and other forms of food aid across the borough. Our aim is to work collaboratively with local organisations to seek solutions to food poverty.

We would like to hear from you if you provide these services.

You can learn more about our work on our food poverty campaign page.

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No child left behind: The challenge for the next Mayor


Over the last 8 years, London has been a hugely successful city, yet despite London’s economy performing better than any other region in the UK, children in the capital are more likely to live in poverty in the capital than anywhere else nationally.

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Ethnic Inequalities in London


A new report published by Runnymede highlights ethnic inequalities as experienced across London as a whole, and within each of the capital’s 32 boroughs.

It measures inequality across four domains – education, employment, health and housing – and compares outcomes across time, namely between the 2001 and 2011 national censuses.

The report makes six recommendations including a call on the next Mayor to pledge  that London’s ethnic inequalities will be lower at the end of their term in 2020.

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