The following is a list of Social Council publications. Click on any link to view the document online.

Latest briefings

Nov 2019

KCSC has worked with numerous stakeholders to develop a Charter for Public Participation in response to the Council’s request for responses to their

Apr 2019

KCSC has engaged with RBKC’s Governance Review since its inception.

Feb 2019

The Grenfell Network Group, a collaboration of residents, councillors and voluntary agencies wrote up a proposal for RBKC - Governance Review.

Mar 2018

This report brings together the learning to date from seven key areas that have focused on the integration of health and care services.

Feb 2018

The concept behind an ACP is that a group of providers agree to work together to deliver care for a defined population by forming an ACP.

Latest reports

Feb 2019

KCSC was funded by West London Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG) to fund a Transformation Programme in 2017.

Jul 2018

Health and social care services in North and West London are building positive new models of cross-sector working to make better use of joined-up resources. The Self-C

Nov 2015

The numbers of people living in privately rented accomodation has seen significant growth over recent years.

Jun 2012
An independent study that examined whether supporting people to better understand the domestic energy market would result in people changing their suppliers or tariffs, a
Jul 2011
The results of a SWOT analysis, undertaken by voluntary and community sector organisations from Kensington and Chelsea and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, i
Mar 2011
Early in 2011, it was announced that an important contribution to future savings will be the joint work being undertaken between RBKC, City of Westminster and the London
Mar 2011
A report into the Somali community in Kensington and Chelsea based in part, on research carried out with local Somali community representatives.
Feb 2010
The state of the voluntary and community sector in Kensington and Chelsea. This report was released at the beginning of 2010.
Feb 2010
The state of the voluntary and community sector in Kensington and Chelsea. This report was released at the beginning of 2010.

Other Social Council publications

Jun 2013
This leaflet lists voluntary sector advice agencies that can provide free support to people concerned about recent changes to their welfare payments.
Nov 2011
Our calendar for 2012 brings you top tips to make localism work for you and also highlights some of the inequalities in Kensington and Chelsea.
Mar 2011
The Kensington and Chelsea Compact exists to strengthen working relationships between the public and the voluntary and community sector, and lays the foundation for
May 2010
A voluntary sector mainfesto for the 2010 local elections.
May 2009
Top tips for empowering your community including preparation and putting your plans into action.