RBKC: City Living, Local Life

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City Living, Local Life (CLLL) is a ward-based community programme that helps residents improve their neighbourhoods by creating opportunities for conversations and providing funding for community activities. 

As part of City Living, Local Life you can:

  • Influence what happens in your local area
  • Seek funding for projects and activities that help make your neighbourhood a better place
  • Get together with others to do positive things for your local area

Projects that will receive funding support under CLLL must address one of the below aims:

  • Enhance the understanding of local areas (including local history, local people, the area itself in terms of geography and places within it);
  • Build stronger connections and relationships between local people;
  • Help to identify, assess and prioritise improvements in local areas;
  • Devise practical solutions that involve local people, to address local issues; and
  • Work with local people and organisations to deliver solutions.

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