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General Public, Black and Minority Ethnic, Children and Young People, Faith Communities, Families, Local Residents, Older People, Refugees, Unemployed, Vulnerable Adults, Women
Arts / Culture, Community / Social club, Education / Play (children / young people), Education / Training (adults), Environmental Issues, Health and Wellbeing, Network / Forum, Sports / Leisure

Pro Art is a non-profit organisation with an aim to develop and improve education generally, especially to advance the opportunities for informal and non-formal activities and training. The scope of activities is wide and based on multidisciplinary approach to learning subjects, such as culture, heritage, art, social and managing topics, science, environment among many others. Pro Art organises lectures, exhibitions, cultural events, seminars and conferences which promote different people and communities and inspire the participants to assume further learning. Pro Art is regularly participating in LLP European projects and as an expert in the field of multidisciplinary education is invited to talk at international and national conferences. We have regular group of participant, 106 members of the Pro Art Club, who enjoy being proactive and contribute to our activities, and who also travel abroad and meet our European partners, expanding network of partners, stakeholders and participants. The members are people of all age, gender, faith and social, educational and economic background, involved in planning and implementing Pro Art programme, evaluating and disseminating the results of the projects. The activities that we carry out regularly are visits to informal learning places (museums, galleries, libraries, theatres, concert halls, heritage and gardens), art and educational workshops, music events, exhibitions, lectures and literary promotions delivered by professionals in the fields in order to achieve a high quality cultural programme and an excellent standard of the events.