Create a diverse and inclusive workplace

Create a diverse and inclusive workplace

Why are diversity and inclusion important?

Improving the representativeness of staff, volunteers and trustees has extensive benefits, including enabling organisations to:

  • Design programmes and services that are inclusive, effective and appropriate for different users;
  • Empower underrepresented or marginalised groups;
  • Establish trust in their organisation, and increase communities' support for their work;
  • Form alliances and collaborate with others in the sector and community;
  • Increase innovation and creativity, and improve problem-solving within their organisation; and
  • Enhance staff engagement and retention levels.


What support can KCSC offer my organisation?

Through our programme, Kensington and Chelsea Together, KCSC provides one-to-one support and training to organisations to help increase diversity and inclusion within their workforce, and improve their resident engagement and participation models.

This support includes facilitating 'diversity audits' (from staff to trustee level), reviewing relevant organisational policies and procedures, co-developing community engagement plans, providing guidance on such things as inclusive recruitment, and more.

If you would like to learn more, get in touch with us by calling 020 7243 9800, emailing, or exploring the links below: