Annual Full Council Meeting - Finance


On Wednesday 7th of March, Kensington and Chelsea Council will be holding its budget meeting; this happens annually and is an important meeting looking at the way the Council should fund its services. The different political groups will debate options for a future budget throughout the evening in the council chamber, before a vote is taken on setting council tax for the next financial year.

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Financial procedures manual


The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) just published a new practical resource.

Financial procedures manual

Use their brand new set of guidance notes to design and build a user-friendly framework for managing your finances.

Of particular use for smaller charities, it'll help you spend less time making small, routine decisions and more on your mission.

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New guide to help readers of charity accounts


In the wake of news coverage that purported to analyse charity accounts, Sayer Vincent has published a new made simple guide on “Reading charity accounts”.

This will be helpful to any supporter, employee, trustee who is unfamiliar with the legal and accounting bases which apply to charities.

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How to protect your charity's payroll data


There’s always something in the news about data being stolen or hacked, or employees leaving laptops containing important financial information on the train. The implications to your organisation if these things happen can be immense, not least for the reputation of the organisation.

A recent legal case around the theft of employee payroll data from nationwide retailer Morrisons, brought to light the seriousness of having the right security systems and procedures in place. So what can the voluntary sector learn from this breach?

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7 ways the government’s making tax simpler for charities


Over the last five years the government has brought in a range of changes to the tax system to make it simpler for charities to make the most of tax reliefs, so that more money can go to good causes.

This has been published by HM Treasury.

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