Here in Kensington and Chelsea third sector organisations play a key role in the economic, social, cultural and environmental life. However, it is policy which governs how we live in the borough.

Government policy often has far reaching implications for the sector and at the Social Council we are working to ensure that local organisations are kept up to date with policy developments at a national, regional and local level.

Engaging with policy issues ensures the sector has the opportunity to contribute to it's development and implementation within the borough.

Our aim is to help the sector engage in policy is through:

* Monitoring the development and implementation of policy that will affect the sector
* Providing ways for the sector to voice their concerns and aspirations through consultations
* Strengthening local voice and representation within the sector
* Increasing awareness through providing information and briefings that explain the meaning of government policy which impacts on the sector
* Delivering policy events to share information and good practice