Healthier Futures (North Kensington)

Healthier Futures (North Kensington)

Healthier Futures (North Kensington) aims to support the communities in North Kensington affected by the Grenfell Tower fire to manage their health conditions  in a non-medical manner, whilst building confidence, knowledge and skills to manage their health and wellbeing. It also aims to provide tools to improve health outcomes and to identify barriers to health and develop solutions. 

This programme is funded by North West London Clinical Commissioning Group (NWLCCG) and is project managed by the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council (KCSC), the latter supports the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) with project design, implementation, monitoring and reporting. 

What is Healthier Futures?

Healthier Futures is an approach to health and wellbeing which helps you to keep yourself well.

Can Healthier Futures help me?

The Healthier Futures (North Kensington) programme supports residents of North Kensington to take more control of their mental health and physical wellbeing, and build social contact with access to community, leisure, education, arts and volunteering opportunities. There is a range of different services that can be accessed locally through Healthier Futures. These services are for those over 16, living and/or working in North Kensington and have been affected by the Grenfell tower fire. Details of each are listed below, including contact details for further information.

1. Exercise and Wellbeing Service and Advice
2. Group Services 
3. Family Services
4. North Kensington Social Prescribing Link Worker

If you have any queries relating to this programme or would like to express a specific health need within the North Kensington community, please contact the Health and Wellbeing Team via email [email protected] or via phone on 0208 159 2197.

North Kensington Health and Wellbeing Network

These meetings will bring together Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations working with communities in North Kensington which provide services that aim to support and improve people’s wellbeing.

The meetings’ aims are:
- to share knowledge and skills,
- to network and build partnerships
- to provide health updates / information


Terms of Reference 

Please complete the Healthier Futures referral form to make a referral