Nucleus provide fuel support for Pepperpot members


Members of the Pepperpot Centre have been attending one-to-one sessions to talk about their gas and electricity bills with a specialist fuel support worker from Nucleus Legal Services. 

The sessions were designed by the Community Resilience Team at KCSC after they conducted a survey among members to see find out what issues were causing them concern during the winter months.  

Residents were able to book a private appointment during their visit to the centre and over a four week period they covered issues with fuel debt, pre-payment meters, winter warmth payments and changing providers. 

By visiting over a series of weeks the fuel advisor was able to ask the members to bring in the documents that were 

Daphie Macauley, Fuel Case Worker from Nucleus Legal Advice Centre said: 

 'With the cost of living crisis and the rise of fuel bills and fuel debts, Pepperpot was a great location to reach vulnerable and in need clients who needed our support. This was a great way to connect with the North Kensington Community.'