Other news

St Charles Urgent Care Centre to re-open as a pre-bookable clinic

Fri 17/09/2021

On Monday 20 September 2021 St Charles Urgent Care Centre will re-open as a pre-bookable clinic.

Giving World - Free Resource for people you support

Wed 25/08/2021

Giving World helps charities get the goods they need to the people that need them. They redirect business end-of-line, surplus and discontinued stock to the most deprived communities in the UK.

Activities for adults in parks and leisure centres in the borough

Fri 20/08/2021

Find out about activities for adults in the borough’s leisure centres and parks.

Public Health Briefing for Community, Voluntary and Faith Groups - 3 August 2021

Fri 13/08/2021

Public Health hold a monthly briefing for community, voluntary and faith groups.  Below is a broad summary of topics discussed during the last meeting:

Peer Support Programmes for Adults in RBKC

Fri 06/08/2021
  • Are you a RBKC resident with an idea for a new Peer Support Programme for Adults in RBKC?
  • Are you part of an organisation in RBKC, such as a registered charity, and already delivering Peer Support Programmes?

Community Resilience Group - Update 1 July 2021

Mon 05/07/2021

Community Resilience Group (CRG) update from 1 July 2021. 

60 years of the Social Council - Summary from KCSC AGM 2020

Mon 12/04/2021

The AGM was seen as an opportunity to reflect on the history of the Social Council, how it started, the reasons behind its start, what it used to do and what it does now.

Advice and guidance on fundraising strategy and bid writing

Mon 22/03/2021

KCSC, with funding provided from RBKC’s Community Leadership Programme, is able to offer voluntary and community organisations in Kensington and Chelsea 4-5 hours dedicated fundraising support.

Community Resilience Group - Update 25 February 2021

Mon 01/03/2021

Community Resilience Group (CRG) update from 25 February 2021. 

Community Resilience Group - Update 11 February 2021

Mon 15/02/2021

Community Resilience Group (CRG) update from 11 February 2021.