Main Voluntary Organisations Forum

Do you want to work alongside other organisations to strengthen both yourself and the local voluntary sector?

The Main VOF aims to bring voluntary and community groups in Kensington and Chelsea together to work on issues that are of mutual interest.

The forum's objectives are:

  • to share information on local and national developments of interest to voluntary and community groups, including new funding opportunities;
  • to elect people to represent the voluntary sector in discussions with the Borough Council and other statutory agencies and to partnership boards;
  • to establish sub-groups, sub-committees and forums for organisations working with specific client groups and on particular issues;
  • to act as the community network for Kensington and Chelsea in relation to the Kensington & Chelsea Partnership, the Community Strategy and the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy.


Fri 09/11/2018

Want to know child poverty levels in your ward? End Child Poverty statistics reveal poverty levels both before and after housing costs.

You can download the latest data here published January 2018. 

Fri 09/11/2018

KCSC's Main Voluntary Organisations Forum will take place on 13th December from 10am-1pm at Kensington Town Hall. 

This forum will be an opportunity to have a detailed conversation with the council on the outcomes of the recent community consultations that have been taking place across the borough and what this means in relation to shaping the future of the borough. Jas Purewal (Head of Communications and Engagement at RBKC) will be leading this discussion.

Fri 02/11/2018

Westway Trust have acknowledged that criticisms from parts of the community have been laid at their door, in particular, claims of institutional racism.

Mon 29/10/2018

A new Panel has been set up to conduct the Governance Review which will also provide residents with the opportunity to engage in discussions and share their own views on what the council can and should do to improve local decision making processes.