Main Voluntary Organisations Forum

Do you want to work alongside other organisations to strengthen both yourself and the local voluntary sector?

The Main VOF aims to bring voluntary and community groups in Kensington and Chelsea together to work on issues that are of mutual interest.

The forum's objectives are:

  • to share information on local and national developments of interest to voluntary and community groups, including new funding opportunities;
  • to elect people to represent the voluntary sector in discussions with the Borough Council and other statutory agencies and to partnership boards;
  • to establish sub-groups, sub-committees and forums for organisations working with specific client groups and on particular issues;
  • to act as the community network for Kensington and Chelsea in relation to the Kensington & Chelsea Partnership, the Community Strategy and the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy.


Fri 17/08/2018

The Strategy sets out how the government will work with and support civil society in the years to come so that together we can build a country that works for everyone. For the purpose of this Strategy, 'civil society' refers to individuals and organisations when they act with the primary purpose of creating social value, independent of state control. By social value, we mean enriched lives and a fairer society for all.

The strategy details 5 key areas for the future - why they are important and what the government will do to make them a reality.

The 5 areas are:

Fri 17/08/2018

Last year GOV.UK consulted with the charity sector about the annual return to the Charity Commission for 2018. Based on the outcome of this consultation they are introducing a tailored annual return, which will be available to use by the end of August. The 2018 annual return will include new questions that you can start preparing for now. We recognise that for some charities the new questions will create additional work. Certain questions will be optional this year to give you time to put the systems in place to collect the information easily, requiring less effort in future.

Fri 03/08/2018

On Tuesday 26 June we held our Main Voluntary Organisation forum. We had invited lead members from the council to attend to hold a conversation with the voluntary and community sector but unfortunately no lead member was able to attend. However a Labour Councillor did attend.  

Fri 20/07/2018

With Notting Hill Carnival fast approaching, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's Community Engagement Team is hoping to have conversations with key local organisations to talk through the arrangements and their likely impact, and to pick up any concerns and suggestions you may have to mitigate that impact.