Health & Wellbeing News

Health & Wellbeing News

Thu 14/01/2021

If you live in Westminster or Kensington and Chelsea and you’re over 16, you can order your free contraception and sexual health test online through London’s online sexual health service.

Fri 08/01/2021

In March 2020 the Covid-19 restrictions meant that many of Open Age members found themselves isolated in their homes for weeks.

During that time, the outreach and link-up team started running phone groups for members who would normally have been meeting in person, and many of the conversations they had together involved food and cooking and the role that has played in our lives. Open Age put this book together as a record of how the community came together to support each other through this remarkable and difficult time.

Sat 19/12/2020

A useful quick guide to help patients to hold video consultations (VCs) with an NHS professional.

Mon 28/09/2020

Maternity Champions have published their 2019/20 report.