Vulnerable adults

Vulnerable adults 

Campaign to restore disabled people's rights

Tue 29/09/2020

The government is being urged to restore the rights of disabled people in advance of the House of Commons debate on the six-month review of the Coronavirus Act which will take place on 30 September 2020.

New Venture Centre video

Wed 29/04/2020

Combining the UK's oldest adventure playground with a vibrant community centre and London’s only purpose-built steel pan rehearsal room, the Venture Community Association (known locally as “The Venture Centre”) is located in the

Food banks and delivery services in Kensington and Chelsea

Fri 17/04/2020

KCSC is calling local foodbanks, and other organisations which provide food-related support, regularly.

Safeguarding - E-Learning Courses

Wed 01/04/2020

With most people now being isolated at home, risks and strains increase in relation to safeguarding. With this in mind RBKC are offering e-learning packages for staff and volunteers to complete.


What is Personalisation?

Personalisation is intended to give adult services users a greater say in the care and support services they receive.

It is meant to offer choice, taking into account a person’s preferences and aspirations and putting them right at the heart of the process of planning their care.