VCS Survey - Feedback please!

Following our recent ‘Scoping the Future of the Voluntary Sector’ meeting, KCSC urgently needs to gather more information to help us to continue to support, and advocate for, the voluntary and community sector following Covid 19 and its ongoing impact.   It would be a huge help if you could take a short time (about 20 minutes) to complete this survey. The deadline for this survey is Monday 6 July. 

Thank you

(It would be useful if you can supply your name and your organisation’s name but if you prefer to remain anonymous you are welcome to do so.) 



1) Service Users


1a We know that people have experienced a wide range of issues as a result of the Covid-19 virus – such as challenges with engaging young people in home schooling, increasing mental health issues, the digital divide and the impact of social isolation.


2) Service Delivery

2a We know many organisations are now delivering their services online – are you intending to :    


3) Finances

3c Thinking about your confidence in the financial future of your organisation: how confident are you now, compared to your confidence prior to the Covid crisis -


4) Working Relationships and Partnerships


4b) If Yes, have these been with:


5) Your organisation’s support needs

5a How can KCSC provide support to your organisation?


6) Conclusion