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Personalisation in Adult Social Care

Friday, 8 March 2019 -
10:00am to 4:00pm
Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX

Please find programme for the event below:

The training programme contents:

Part One: Understand the concept of personalisation in health and social care. This will include how personalisation is understood and defined; how it differs from traditional social care, new relationships (especially between choice and control and Resource Allocation Systems etc); the benefits; its impact (positive and the barriers to success); and, finally, the legislation that supports personalisation.

Part Two: Understand the systems that support personalisation in health and social care. This will include universal approaches designed for all (local Health promotion; information; transport; safeguarding; etc); National (decentralisation, flexible resourcing, Government leads and guidance, workforce, performance); commissioning; RAS, direct payments and personal budgets, Community organisations, disability organisations, advocacy, family and friends.

Part Three: Understand the impact of personalisation on the provision of social care and support. Will focus on personalised person-centred approaches; personalised assessment support; personalised care plans; bespoke provision; tailor-made care packages purchase from individual care budgets Direct payment schemes, care agencies, social care workforce, non-traditional provision (sports clubs, health clubs, music, dance, etc).   

Part Four: Understand how personalisation is implemented in the context of health and social care. This section will cover workforce skills; attitudes; approaches (e.g. important of good people skills etc) required for outcomes: also the barriers to personalisation and how to overcome them (the training, good recruitment, building community assets, good information, advice and guidance), role of community assets, co-production with disabled people. 

The training is 6 hours, including a 1 hour break for lunch at 1pm. note – lunch is not provided

If you are interested in attending this training please contact Victoria Swann directly at vswann@westminster.gov.uk