LSCP: Working with Interpreters

2024-03-27T13:30:00 - 2024-03-27T16:30:00

This 3 hour workshop delivered by the Pásalo project is an important area of learning within the wider context of safeguarding children.

Interpreter-mediated health and social care work

Without training practitioners often feel unprepared and unsupported to incorporate an interpreter into their work. Clients who need an interpreter may be expected to rely on family and friends until a practitioner can be found who is prepared to work with them. This training considers how to work collaboratively with interpreters; the nature and impact of the material on all three people in the interpreter-mediated triad; power dynamics in triadic relationships; contrasting models of practice and professional values; safety and safeguarding issues when working with an interpreter; ethical decision making and the unconscious pulls and pushes when working in a triadic relationship; working remotely/on the telephone.

Case material, films and research findings are used to help to develop together a list of tips for working effectively with interpreters in health and social care settings.

At the end of the session, it is hoped that practitioners feel more confident to engage in interpreter-mediated health and social care work.

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