A Strong Foundation - Strategic Plan 2015-18

Kensington and Chelsea Social Council (KCSC) is the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s recognised voluntary sector ‘infrastructure’ organisation.

We support voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) through the provision of training, advice and information. We also facilitates the voice of the local voluntary and community sector (VCS) and represent the sector at a strategic level.

We believe that for a thriving local voluntary and community sector (VCS) to exist, infrastructure support is necessary. Without infrastructure support the voice of the voluntary and community sector would be dispersed and strategic direction more difficult to convey to decision makers. Our role is to support co-ordination and facilitate collaboration as well as to challenge and develop.

In seeking to improve the lives of local residents, we see our self as the cornerstone of local voluntary and community action, providing a strong foundation on which to tackle poverty, inequality and social injustice.

As an infrastructure organisation we recognise that within the next 4 to 5 years there is unlikely to be a return to pre-2010 voluntary sector investment into infrastructure support. The reality is that we will need to find ways to adapt to a harsher economic climate or we will not exist in the future.

There is an expectation that communities can and should become less reliant on the state and this will not change as long as austerity continues. This means that the voluntary sector needs to be able to cope with reduced public services and funding and growing demand for its services. This will require strong volunteer led support, income generating ideas to self-sustain projects and strong community leadership.

As the local infrastructure organisation KCSC will continue to highlight issues of inequality and poverty. We will also advocate and build evidence on the important role and real opportunities for the voluntary sector to deliver health and wellbeing services as part of a holistic package of care for local residents.

We seek to strengthen our role as the holder of voluntary sector intelligence and to be the gateway to the local sector. This will provide clear benefits for stakeholders due to simpler, co-ordinated mechanisms for engagement with the sector. We facilitate the networking and relationship development between the VCS and local decision makers and have a key role to play in ensuring there is a strong voluntary sector voice.

Finally, in this current climate, we along with most voluntary and community organisations cannot comfortably say that KCSC will exist in 5 years’ time. It is therefore vital that we explore potential collaborations which will shape a longer term sustainable infrastructure service. This is our challenge but also a good opportunity to secure our future.

Angela Spence, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Bach, Chair of Trustees