KCSC COVID-19 Update - 12 March 2020

KCSC COVID-19 Update - 12 March 2020

KCSC has been considering its response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

We recognise that various agencies will be producing information and co-ordinating responses.  In addition, we are already aware of several voluntary and community organisations which are looking at co-ordinating responses, particularly to support vulnerable people, should the situation worsen. 

KSCS will be co-ordinating communication about responses within the borough, and we will be sending out regular bulletins.  We’ll include information from RBKC Council and the NHS, as this becomes available.

If your organisation is looking at co-ordinating services, then please let us know and we can communicate this information via future update bulletins.  Email jenny@kcsc.org.uk.

In the meantime, please find below what we hope will be useful information.

Sources of information

- Latest guidelines from Public Health England and NHS England, including guidelines on working in the community and home visits.
General information about the condition.
Managing wellbeing
- NCVO has provided information to voluntary and community sector organisations to be found here.
- Useful information from ACAS is here.

What KCSC is doing as an organisation

- Until advice changes, we will be continuing to run our services and meetings as usual.
- We have referred to our Business Continuity plan and considered how we will continue to provide services or activities if, for example, several staff fall ill and/or self isolate.
- We will review options for home working for staff as necessary.
- We have or will be discussing possible changes to services and activities should it become necessary. 

We will be posting further information as soon as we receive updates.

Click here for information on hand-washing technique with soap and water.