The Royal British Legion: Branch Community Support Communications Volunteer

The Royal British Legion

Branch Community Support (BCS):
BCS provides the first tier of support services offered by the Royal British Legion and is delivered by Branches alongside information, advice, general and specialist support provided by Area and Regional staff teams. Outcomes from BCS include providing comradeship to individuals experiencing loneliness, isolation or in need of support as well as wider community engagement and support.

What would a BCS Communications volunteer be doing?
• Assisting the BCS team in promoting and increasing Branch Community Support awareness to internal and external audiences.
• Researching stories and content for use on Legion and membership intranet pages and Yammer.
• Supporting the development of a BCS communication plan to increase participation, engagement, and awareness of BCS and its impact.
• Helping with the analysis of the use and effectiveness of the internal BCS web pages and communication platforms such as Yammer.
• Developing expertise in and understanding of the Armed Forces Community and the role of BSC in supporting them.

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Matt Ford