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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 - 1:00pm to Wednesday, 29 August 2018 - 3:00pm
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Also group tutoring for children 6+. Creche available
Total Family Coaching & Parenting

 Parenting Seminars- open to all parents of children 2-16.

Parents or caregivers, with children 2-16 years, interested in general information about promoting their child’s development. The series of seminars can also assist parents with specific concerns about their child’s behavior or development.

  • Seminar 1: Positive parenting Practitioners introduce parents to the five key principles of positive parenting that form the basis of Triple P. These principles are: • Ensuring a safe engaging environment. • Creating a positive learning environment. • Using assertive discipline. • Having reasonable expectations. • Looking after yourself as a parent.
  • Seminar 2: Raising confident, competent children In this seminar, parents are introduced to six core building blocks for children to become confident and successful at school and beyond. These competencies are: • Showing respect to others. • Being considerate. • Having good communication and social skills. • Having healthy self-esteem. • Being a good problem solver. • Becoming independent
  • Seminar 3: Raising resilient children Parents are introduced to six core building blocks for children to manage their feelings and become resilient in dealing with life stress. These competencies are: • Recognising and accepting feelings. • Expressing feelings appropriately. • Building a positive outlook. • Developing coping skills. • Dealing with negative feelings. • Dealing with stressful life events
  •  Seminar 4: Raising responsible teenagers Practitioners introduce parents to the six key elements of teenagers becoming responsible and specific ideas about how to teach and encourage each of the following skills: • Taking part in family decision-making. • Being respectful and considerate. • Getting involved in family activities. • Developing a healthy lifestyle. • Being reliable. • Being assertive.
  • Seminar 5: Raising competent teenagers Practitioners introduce parents to six aspects of teenagers becoming confident and successful in school and the community. Parents are given specific ideas to teach and encourage the following: • Developing self-discipline. • Establishing good routines. • Getting involved in school activities. • Being a good problem solver. • Following school rules. • Having supportive friends.
  • Seminar 6: Getting teenagers connected Practitioners introduce parents to different aspects of teaching their teenagers to develop supportive friendships and become engaged in appropriate social and recreational groups and activities in the wider community. Parents are given specific ideas about teaching their teenagers the following skills: • Being confident. • Being socially skilled. • Planning ahead. • Meeting commitments. • Keeping in contact. • Taking care of others.
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