Our City - Autumn Projects

Young K&C

Over the summer a wide range of holiday activities in RBKC and Westminster were listed on the Our City website.  

  • Over 200 summer projects were advertised on Our City
  • Pages across the site had over 67,000 views
  • The website was visited by over 8,000 people
  • Summer projects received over 800 bookings directly from Our City 

Our City would really like to keep this momentum going and has begun listing projects for September to December 2021.

As the Autumn term begins, they will be working with local schools to increase signposting to the website for students to discover amazing activities and events from organisations in RBKC and Westminster.

Organisations wishing to add their projects, need simply register for or log in to an account and click “+Add” in the Projects section. When uploading projects, please ensure that all projects have a main image and either an enquiry email or an external form. It's really important for all projects to have an enquiry link as this is how young people and parents/carers sign up for the projects.

If your project was part of the HAF programme, Our City may have created an organisation page for you, but you will still have to register an account to begin uploading your project.

The Members Resources page has information and walkthroughs to help you, including how to set up your organisation and add projects.

Unpublished date: 
Saturday, 10 September 2022