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Office desks and 2 seater black sofa

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Office desks are available free of charge. They are 1800 x 600 with a side return of 1200mm. The configuration currently is that they are set in clusters with some sharing the middle legs.  Some are right hand return and some are left hand return. They will be available for collection around the 18th April.  The person taking them will ideally dismantle them so they know which bits go where when putting them back together.  The legs need allen keys for the screws.  The wooden tops are REALLY heavy so probably best as a 2 man job for collection. The alternative is that they all get dismantled here and that people pick up the wooden top and legs they think they need (images 0849 and 0851)  The only downside with this is they need to know what they are doing to take away the right bits.  

A 2 seater black sofa is also available. It will need to be taken down 2 flights of stairs so will need 2 men at least and ideally used to removals to avoid damage to the walls on the way down. Free of charge to a charity who will make good use of it. Available from now.

For viewing/collection of items please contact Lorraine Jimenez by email. 

1 Colville Mews, Lonsdale Road, London W11 2AR
Lorraine Jimenez