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Mental Health Magazine Survey - Speakeasy

The Advocacy Project

The survey is for people who live or work in London, who have lived experience of mental health issues. It is also for carers of people with lived experience of mental health issues.

Speakeasy was a magazine which ran from 2010 to 2018, in mental health hospitals in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. Written by service users and for service users, it provided a creative means for people in hospital to get their voices heard - by contributing poetry, artwork, stories and points of view. It closed in 2018 as funding ended. 

The Advocacy Project would like to seek new funding for a similar mental health magazine project, for people in hospital and in the community, across London.

Your feedback will help the Advocacy Project to find out whether there is interest in having such a magazine. People who complete the survey could win a £50 book token!

Please find a link for the survey here