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Lyrikal Art by Kamitan Arts

Kamitan Arts

Project Details:

  • A space where Art meets Poetry and sometimes even movement, while Live Music is being played to relax and inspire throughout.  
  • Using these creative outlets as a means of expressing oneself where each discipline becomes an inspiration and stimuli for the other.
  •  Introducing a new piece each week, whether it be a ‘lyrik’ or piece of art that will be observed, discussed, and used as inspiration to create.
  •  With a local Rap-Poetess/Choreographer and guest artists with different techniques to offer you, as well as musicians on rotation, 
  • to inspire the rapper, poet, artist or dancer in you!

Lyrikal Art is running for 12 weeks**

  • Tuesday (Age: 8-12) 5-6:30pm - Tuesdays @ The Harrow Club, 187 Freston Rd. London W10 6TH
  • Thursday (Age: 12-21*) 5-6:30pm - Thursdays @ Octavia's The Reed, 28 Convent Gardens, London W11 1NH

 Beginning: Tuesday 5th February 2019

* Upto 25 with a disability
**excluding school holidays and half-terms

 To register please email ka.1@hotmail.co.uk