Kensington Narrators - Archive Project

Kensington Narrators Arts & Heritage Archive 

Kensington Narrators (KN) is home to a community-led, multimedia archival platform, where creative works of historical value are collected, digitised, displayed, and preserved.

Whether creating a painting, a podcast, an essay, or a photograph, KN understand the context of their work; why that imagery, why that turn of phrase, why this moment needed to be captured.

The KN archiving process helps creatives to share both work and context, sending a message into the future. Each contributor retains all rights to the products of their creativity.  NK are committed to documenting the history being lived in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC).

Every contributor to the Archive is a Kensington Narrator.
Are you a Kensington Narrator? #ArchiveYourself #SendAMessageToTheFuture.

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