Intro to film and documentary making

Renegade Theatre and Wornington Word

Join Renegade Theatre for five filmmaking workshops and take part in the making of documentary 'The People's History of Wornington Green. The documentary will be entered into the Portobello Film Festival 2020. 

  • Week 1: Camera and Mise en Scene - Learn about shots, angles and good practice in filmmaking. Have a go filming with a professional camera and other equipment. Get familiarised with the project and the documentary so you can contribute. 
  • Week 2: Sound - Learn about the most important aspects when working with sound in film and AV production. Listen to some of the oral histories recorded for the project and work in a group to create a scene for the film. 
  • Week 3: Narrative and representation - Learn about what makes a good story, types of narratives, how to develop an idea. Have a go at writing something of your own and also how to put together the stories about the estate in the documentary.
  • Week 4: Editing - Why is editing so important? What is Continuity and what is Montage editing? Learn the basics of editing software. Finalise ideas about a scene in the documentary film.
  • Film 5: Filming on your phone - Tips about how to film and edit a short film on your phone and how to make it look professional. Upload, screening and festivals. Make short films in a group on a given topic. 

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