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The Freedom Programme

Event Date: 
Monday, 11 March 2019 - 11:00am
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Every Monday for 12 weeks starting from the 11th of March
Total Family Coaching & Parenting

THE FREEDOM is a 12- week programme designed for women who have or are currently experiencing domestic abuse. It examines the roles played by attitudes, beliefs and actions of abusive men and the response of victims and survivors. It shows participants how to look underneath the behaviours presenting, whether those behaviours are from adults or children. 

The Model itself is based on Duluth Model of Power and Control, and it consists of 8 different persona types in a positive and a negative form. Each persona has its own set of tactics and beliefs- the model looks at the societies’ reinforcement of those beliefs, the beliefs that the victims share with their perpetrators and the effects that has on victims, be they adult or child. 

The programme consists of a section that specifically covers the effects domestic abuse has on children, who are often overseen as being victims themselves- sometimes the effects can be from conception onwards. 

Total Family Coaching is currently taking referrals for their next group - every woman aged 16+ is welcome to join them. If you identify a need to attend, then feel free to join any time. Just give Total Family Coaching a call on 07397871877. 

Not sure this is for you? Then why not give Total Family Coaching a call for an informal unobtrusive chat or come along anyway, get an education on healthy relationships and early warning signs of potentially unhealthy relationships. 

The Harrow Club (Basement), 187 Freston Road, W10 6TH
Shivata Thind