Working with volunteers and the community to address Coronavirus

Working with volunteers and the community to address Coronavirus

Working with volunteers and the community to address Coronavirus

The Council has joined up with the NHS and key local voluntary sector organisations to create a partnership group focusing on making sure the voluntary and community sector are equipped to help residents meet their basic needs, while contributing their knowledge and skills to the response of the Council and local NHS.

While this is an unprecedented time of isolation and distancing, it too is a time for collaboration and partnership. To ensure the needs of our most vulnerable are met, existing local organisations rely on the support of volunteers in the community. There are many areas that you could support – for example making contact with people who are isolated, providing practical help with food delivery or supporting responding to queries

Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea is registering local people who want to support new and existing local services responding to the pandemic. 

You can register here

Every single offer of help is appreciated, and community organisations will recruit to the roles they think can best help people deal with this emergency. There are already thousands of people generously offering their time and effort that we do not yet have voluntary roles for. Roles that are offered to registered people will be subject to appropriate safeguarding checks by the community organisations recruiting them, to protect both volunteers and the vulnerable people they will be supporting.

The community organisations will be responsible for training, managing and keeping you safe while you are volunteering with them.


There are many local neighbourhood groups, some long established and some recently created, who are focused on making a positive, practical difference where they live during this pandemic. As voluntary groups, the Volunteer Centre is liaising with them in its role as a promoter of voluntary action and a provider of advice and good practice to anyone who wants to give their time to others, and to the organisations which support them to do so.

Keeping safe 

Whether you choose to register your interest in supporting a community organisation, to offer help to your neighbours informally, or both, it's essential that you keep safe and well, and that the safety and wellbeing of others is ensured.

You can find information about staying well during the pandemic here. If you have concerns about the safety of a child you can find information here. If you have concerns about the safety of a vulnerable adult you can find information here.

Thank you in advance for any support you can give during this unprecedented period of time.




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