WLCCG PPE Grants Programme Impact report

WLCCG PPE Grants Programme Impact report

WLCCG PPE Grants Programme Impact report

West London Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG) finances a Patient and Public Engagement Grant of £100,000 managed by the Social Council. You can see a list of the current 10 providers here.

The Patient and Public Engagement grants programme has been running for five years now and is a one-year long programme that is renewed year on year. Projects for this round of funding started in October 2017 and will finish in September 2018.

This year, KCSC received 31 applications and the assessment panel selected 10 organisations to deliver projects and receive a total of £100,000. The assessment panel was composed of one lay member, one patient representative, one local resident representative, one independent voluntary sector representative, as well as a representative from Public Health England and the WLCCG PPE lead.

Monitoring for those projects are ongoing and final figures will only be available at the end of September, but some figures have already been submitted and the Social Council created the above impact infographic.

Highlights from the monitoring include:

  • 10 organisations delivered the grant programme collectively and provided services to 464 people.
  • The majority of patients or users were from BME groups.
  • Participants were suffering from long-term conditions including arthritis, asthma, depression, diabetes, low and high blood pressure and a range of mobility issues.
  • They were mostly female though the organisations did work with 28% of Men.
  • The PPE grant programme improved this year in regards to the range of age groups reached with 13% of Under 18 and 15% of 18-34 years old.

At the end of any service or project, the users are asked to complete an outcome questionnaire looking at their wellbeing through the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale as well as asking them a series of questions on the projects' impact.

Here are some of the results collected: 

  • 66% said that they were going to the GP less often after the project.
  • 65% said that they were going to the hospital less.
  • 82% said that they were satisfied with the project.


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