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What is ‘The Case for Change?’

Since 2013, KCSC has had a strong relationship with West London Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG).  The CCG has made great strides to get to know and understand the local voluntary and community sector (VCS), working closely with KCSC to introduce and help facilitate relationships until fully embedded locally.  Over the years the relationship with the VCS has been one of the most important in strengthening community involvement in health and wellbeing through the funding of programmes which seek to increase understanding of the health and wellbeing needs of communities, and also to deliver a wide range of services that previously would have struggled to find funding.

It has also helped the VCS to establish closer links with clinical staff and share learning on how to improve reach and access for Kensington & Chelsea, Queen's Park and Paddington's diverse community but also to ensure that the VCS can receive funds to help them deliver services that reach people who might otherwise not engage with the NHS unless to deal with emergencies.

Now ‘The Case for Change' stipulates the need for change from an 8 CCG operating model into a single CCG model.  

It is true that across North West London the 8 CCGs ended the last financial year with a huge deficit of almost £59m and so the drive to reduce this deficit and reduce spend is of paramount importance.

'The Case for Change' states that working at the North West London level will ‘maximise benefits to residents and staff’ and that as a single CCG it would be more effective in mobilising an integrated care system.  

A single CCG would become the statutory body for commissioning health care across North West London.  It would have a similar governance structure to what currently exists and a single decision-making process which, it argues, would reduce decision-making costs and duplication and improve ‘consistency’ within service provision.

Our most important questions to the CCG is – Is there enough confidence that residents and patients at the local level will not be disadvantaged by these changes?  We also ask the question on local diversity of services that meet need at the local level – how will this be maintained?

As the voluntary and community sector, it is vital that we engage in these changes and understand what they could mean for the sector and communities.  KCSC will be putting together a response and would like to hear from you for you to share your views on ‘The Case for Change'.  

You can read here about The Case for Change here.

We would welcome any comments you have on The Case for Change for Friday 2nd August.  Please send to Angela Spence at angela@kcsc.org.uk.

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