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Welcome to 2019 - Where is KCSC?

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and hope that 2019 is a positive and fruitful year. Last year was a learning year for KCSC as following reviews on key aspects of our work, it provided us with the opportunity to start to deliver new areas of work and to begin to shape what we really want to do for 2019 and beyond. 

During 2017 and 2018 I learnt more about how KCSC is perceived and understood more than anytime in the previous 5 years and so I am far more conscious about who knows about our existence and what we do. In particular, Grenfell showed us that there is more KCSC could do to be known in the wider community.  

When I think about our role as an umbrella body in the borough it is essential that we can reach those that require our services yet do not know about KCSC. Developing our remit in community development has gone some way in doing this. We have been working substantially with local residents to develop new organisations and services as well as connecting residents interested in social action with existing organisations and institutions. This is helping to extend our role into the community.

We are also reviewing who our organisation development services reach and who they don't. There are many opportunities we provide for organisations to network, share learning and to engage with statutory bodies yet there are organisations and groups that do not access our services.  Therefore who we communicate with and how has been an important aspect of our planning during 2018.  We have spent time together as an organisation revisiting and developing an extensive communication plan which we are starting to implement. 

KCSC is involved in many areas of work and all aimed at strengthening the role and voice of civil society.  We want to have more than just a transactional relationship with stakeholders, we want it to be value based and one that leads to visual improvements for the local area.  For this to be fully realised we want to reach as many community groups that we can. Plans for new programmes are underway that aim to do just this and if we are successful in our fundraising we will be reaching out to those who may never have worked or been supported by KCSC before.

During 2019 we also have an opportunity to really work together as voluntary and community organisations, to put ourselves in a stronger position to deal with any funding and service changes that may lay ahead.  We don't need to wait until change happens around us, we can act now and hope that 2019 can be one of strong sector leadership demonstrating our voice and impact.

If you know of VCOs that would like to join and don’t know KCSC  then do forward the link to our organisation registration form.

I'm certain 2019 will come with its challenges -  some outside of our control.  However, my positive message for the start of the year is to look beyond to 2020 and what we have achieved by then.  If we start now we'll be sure to get there. 

Angela Spence

Happy 2019 from all staff and trustees at KCSC.

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