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Toxicity update June 2019

KCSC has received the following long email regarding the soil toxicity in the area. The information provided has come straight from Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government on 3rd June 2019 

Grenfell Environmental Checks – Update on the exploratory testing 
In brief: • The site walkovers to survey the proposed sites for exploratory testing took place on Thursday, 23 and Friday, 24 May, observed by 20 members of the community. • The site walkovers were filmed, and you will soon be able to watch this on www.nextdoor.co.uk and on the Nextdoor app. • The exploratory testing will now take place over the following three days:  o Tuesday, 4 June o Wednesday, 5 June  o Thursday, 6 June 
Site walkover  
Thank you to everyone who joined AECOM for the site walkovers. During the walkovers, residents were able to observe AECOM undertaking surveys of the proposed sampling areas and provide information on where they had seen debris and how the locations are used.   
Representatives from the Lancaster West Residents’ Association; Silchester Residents’ Association; Bramley House Tenant and Residents’ Association; Henry Dicken Residents’ Association; Notting Dale Advisory Board and the St Quintin Community Kitchen Garden took part in the site walkover during the two days. We also spoke to many others in the area over the two days. 
Paul Nathanail, the Suitably Qualified Person, also joined the walkover. His role is to make sure that the approach follows the required methodology of legislation known as Part 2A, that we are following for testing. 
Exploratory testing 
As part of Stage 1, AECOM will undertake exploratory tests across 20 locations. The locations were selected with input from the community at the workshops and during the walkover; information from the scientists on the smoke plume and wind direction following the fire; proximity to the Tower and accessibility.  
The aim of the exploratory testing is to ensure the methodology and approach to sampling. This will then be used to help inform the design of comprehensive sampling that will take place in Stage 2.   
The results of the exploratory testing will be included in the report which will be published at the end of Stage 1. We expect to be able to share this with you later in the summer. 
Below are details of the locations and dates when AECOM will be undertaking the exploratory testing: 

What does the testing involve?  
A Field Engineer from AECOM, will be responsible for taking the samples on site, labeling them and sending them securely to the laboratory for testing.   
The soil samples will be taken at a depth of 5cm from two places at each location. In addition, second samples will be taken at a depth of 10 – 15cm in Wayneflete Square. AECOM identified Wayneflete Square given its proximity to the Tower, in a westerly direction, within the plume area following the fire and where debris was found.  
Next steps 
The exploratory sampling will take place on the following three days: 
• Tuesday, 4 June • Wednesday, 5 June  • Thursday, 6 June   
We have a limited number of places for residents to observe the exploratory testing and are working with local residents’ associations and community organisations to allocate these places. We will be filming the exploratory sampling, and this, along with filming from the site walkover will be made available on the Nextdoor website and app in the coming weeks. 
Further information 
If you have any further information or queries you can contact us about the environmental checks programme by: 
Telephone – 0303 444 0078 Email – environmental-checks@communities.gov.uk  Drop in – The Curve, 10 Bard Rd, Notting Hill, London W10 6TH from 12 noon to 5pm every Tuesday. 
For up to date information you can download the Nextdoor app or visit www.nextdoor.co.uk and search for Grenfell Community Updates – HM Government. 
Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government 3 June 2019